Renaya Gives Hope

Renaya Hoffman is an empathetic 8 year old. When she sees someone suffering, she feels for them. A few months ago she saw someone not doing too well, living on the street. She asked her dad how she could help. They did some research to find out who in Nanaimo helps people who are homeless. Of the fine groups and organizations they looked at, Renaya picked ICCS. The story of society founder Matthew Brown originally caught her eye, and as she learned about the society's work to meet the needs of hurting people in her community it inspired her to ask her friends to join her effort.

Renaya and Darren Hoffman

"Instead of giving me a present on my birthday," she said, "let's help someone who really needs it." Her friends and her dad generously responded so that Renaya was able to present ICCS Finance Manager Marilyn Laktin with two cheques totalling: $325.

"We are very proud of her," Darren Hoffman said of his daughter, "We wanted her to know that you can make a difference in the world, no matter what age you are."

People who find themselves homeless have many pressing needs. Food, shelter, clothing. Renaya's donation will help provide some real tangible stuff, and more than that, her generous spirit and good example will inspire others to do the same.

Thanks Renaya, your compassion gives us hope!

Think what a great world it would be if everyone cared for their neighbour like Renaya does.

Need an Office?

Island Crisis Care Society will lease office space in our head office at 1200 Princess Royal Ave to a like-minded professional, non-profit or community organization, or church.

Several offices are available for consideration ranging from approximately 100 to 200 sqft. Terms are flexible, price will vary depending on office size and amenities. For example $750 for smaller offices, $1,000 for larger ones.See diagram below for relative sizes and locations.

The building is conveniently located in Nanaimo near Terminal Park Mall. Possible amenities include shared use of kitchenette and 300 sq.ft.+ meeting space (pictured).

Washrooms are available and the rent includes air-conditioning and heating. Secure building with monitored alarm in place. Price also includes taxes, water, and garbage/recycling (reasonable amount).

Two of Our Offices

Office Layout

Office Layout

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ICCS Founder Leaves a Legacy


Matthew Brown

Dear Friends of ICCS,

It is with sad hearts that we inform you that our society founder, Matthew Brown, died on April 12th at his home surrounded by family and friends. Matthew was an inspiration to those who knew him and will be remembered for his compassion, vision, and character. He responded to the need for emergency shelter in Nanaimo, and for the need for a detox center, and in so doing created a legacy of shelter, care, and support that continues to change lives year after year. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. He will be missed.

A celebration of Matthew's life will be held on May 7th at Nanaimo First Baptist Church at 1 pm.

The ICCS Team

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Lives Being Changed in Oceanside

Thanks to the collaboration of several organizations in Oceanside, lives are being changed through HOST (Homelessness Outreach Support Team). Here is a comment from a client:
"Having been homeless due to life's curves and dips and when all the supports from friends and family have failed in the past. I became truly desperate for food and shelter about a year ago. When trying to get off of the life of the cold, wet street, I was able to find and connect with the Oceanside homeless outreach team. With their help, I now am comfortable and the hardship of street life seems as though it was needed for me to grow as a better person. Little things like the weekly visits and rides to the grocery store may not seem like much to some, but I appreciate the talks and rides that I have been given by the team. They have made my life better. Now I am truly happy..."

Your donations make this possible. THANK YOU!

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