ICCS is a registered non-profit society that helps people in crisis stabilize and then find the support, resources, and services they need to recover and be well. We work in cooperation with Provincial and Federal agencies, community groups, and faith-based organizations to develop housing options and programs that respect the needs of individuals with multiple challenges or concurrent disorders.

Together with professionals in the social service field we created Crescent House which has become a model used by communities throughout BC. This successful model provides a short term “oasis in the storm” where individuals can rest and recover before they move to independent living or other forms of housing.

Man Thinks of the Good Samaritan

Our Vision is: “To provide shelter and care for those in need, reflecting the love of God in loving one another.” We have been hands of care in the heart of the island since 1989.


In the Beginning

Island Crisis Care Society started when a few concerned Christians realized that many of the people they met who were struggling with addictions needed shelter and food before they could consider changing their lifestyles.

Acting on faith and with enthusiasm to help hurting people, they leased an old house on Nicol Street in Nanaimo and named it Samaritan House because they wanted to emulate the Good Samaritan and help people whom the rest of society had abandoned.

These original men of vision put their own time and money into the project and saw immediately that, like the Samaritan in Jesus’ parable, they were rescuing people from actual assailants and thieves -- but they also discovered that they were rescuing them from less obvious attackers such as blame, shame, and self-loathing.

Over time other people saw what was going on, offered to help, and a society was formed. Amazing what can happen when a few people make an effort to follow the teachings of Jesus who said, “'Love your neighbour as yourself.”

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