ICCS Founder Leaves a Legacy


Matthew Brown

Dear Friends of ICCS,

It is with sad hearts that we inform you that our society founder, Matthew Brown, died on April 12th at his home surrounded by family and friends. Matthew was an inspiration to those who knew him and will be remembered for his compassion, vision, and character. He responded to the need for emergency shelter in Nanaimo, and for the need for a detox center, and in so doing created a legacy of shelter, care, and support that continues to change lives year after year. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. He will be missed.

A celebration of Matthew's life will be held on May 7th at Nanaimo First Baptist Church at 1 pm.

The ICCS Team

Lives Being Changed in Oceanside

Thanks to the collaboration of several organizations in Oceanside, lives are being changed through HOST (Homelessness Outreach Support Team). Here is a comment from a client:
"Having been homeless due to life's curves and dips and when all the supports from friends and family have failed in the past. I became truly desperate for food and shelter about a year ago. When trying to get off of the life of the cold, wet street, I was able to find and connect with the Oceanside homeless outreach team. With their help, I now am comfortable and the hardship of street life seems as though it was needed for me to grow as a better person. Little things like the weekly visits and rides to the grocery store may not seem like much to some, but I appreciate the talks and rides that I have been given by the team. They have made my life better. Now I am truly happy..."

Your donations make this possible. THANK YOU!

Recent Labour Action at Samaritan House

We are pleased to report that ICCS has reached an agreement with the BCGEU that the union will remove its picket lines at ICCS facilities while the parties attempt to resolve outstanding collective bargaining issues; these discussions will take place over the next two to three weeks. It is hoped that these talks will generate agreement on scheduling which has been the most contentious issue between the parties. If no settlement is reached, an Essential Services designation is in place, as are agreed-to Essential Service levels. If job action resumes in the future, ICCS is confident it can continue to deliver its services without interruption.

Inquiries from media representatives should be directed to Terry Honcharuk, Advocate & Manager of Bargaining Services, thoncharuk@cssea.bc.ca, 1.800.377.3340 Ext. 106

Please direct general inquiries to Violet Hayes, Executive Director, vhayes@iccare.ca, 778-441-4227 ext. 105

Please direct inquiries about services at Samaritan House to Ronell Bosman, Program Coordinator, rbosman@iccare.ca, 250-753-1474

Coldest Night of the Year in many communities across Canada

Over 90 communities in Canada will be walking to support the homeless and hurting in our communities. Join us by registering at www.coldestnightoftheyear.org
Walk in Nanaimo or Parksville on February 20th, 2016.

Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday Banner

This Monday Buy a Brick to Support Samaratin House!

December 2nd, 2015 we launch our Capital Campaign to build a warm, safe, and beautiful shelter. Your gift of $25 can cement a real foundation for the New Samaritan House.  Our goal is to “sell” 400 virtual bricks this Christmas Season for Samaritan House.  

Click here to Buy a Brick.

See our ad in the Nanaimo News Bulletin.


Thankful to Have a Home?

"Thankful to have a home" is Island Crisis Care Society's annual Thanksgiving fundraiser.

Money from this campaign secures warm and safe homes for vulnerable people in Oceanside and Nanaimo. Please join us in this tangible act of sharing during the season of thanksgiving... Donate directly where-ever you see our Blue Bank...

Kids and Banks

or visit our online BLUE BANK CAMPAIGN at http://chim.pn/1EzjeDU .

Participate in the Blue Bank online Fundraiser at http://chim.pn/1EzjeDU.

You can create a group page to get friends to donate to your fundraising page. It's easy and fun to set goals and share it on social media. All your donations will be receipted immediately and you can keep track of how your team is doing throughout the course of the campaign. Our Goal this year is to see 30+ new people who are homeless move into permanent, safe, warm homes! This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in helping our community.

How to Help

  1. Create your own Giving Group
  2. Support a Giving Group
  3. Spread the word and share this link with family, friends and colleagues

Please make a donation to the blue bank campaign so we can build a better tomorrow for Nanaimo Region citizens.

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